NOVEMBRE 2019 20 ans !Organisé par Images en bibliothèques

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Un film réalisé par Michaël Andrianaly

Production : Les films de la pluie
France, 2019
72 minutes, VOST

When his barber shop is torn down by the municipality, Romeo needs to find another outlet for his business. He settles for an extremely shabby hut, but dreams of owning a real barber shop one day. In his new workplace, life seems to drag as usual, but Romeo is tired of waiting even though there is not much he can do. An intimate and close look at everyday life Madagascar, lensed by Michaël Andrianaly who achieves to capture unseen nuances of a man struggling for his dignity. A neorealist poem that reinterpretes Vittorio De Sica’s lesson. The numerous small details of Romeo’s daily activities become all elements of a documentary mosaic. The tiny open space on the street echoes the sounds and noises from the outside: the daily news, the population's hopes and angers in a country of poverty and corruption. Almost unwillingly, Romeo becomes the symbol of a struggle that will not stop anytime soon.

Autour de la séance

Rencontre discussion avec Moinuddin Khalid, critique d'art